COVID-19 (Laindon Pool)

Although they are long, please read them before attending so you know what to expect.

WADERS takes the safety of our members very seriously. Over the last few weeks we have been working on a plan to allow a return to the pool from the 4th August 2020.

This is a general guide on how we will start back at WADERS, please note that the guidance is constantly changing and the comments below reflect the best practice as at 28 July 2020 to minimise the risk, but this does not eliminate the risk of catching Covid 19.

The aim of this document is to give you an idea of how WADERS would operate with social distancing measures in place. This plan is designed to allow us to accommodate up to 16 people (including the trainer) safely at the Laindon location.

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected all of our lives. Companies and organisations are doing their best to deal with the “new normal”. If you see anything that is wrong, please do you bit to help the club by reporting this to the pool officials or a club committee member, rather than posting negative comments on social media.

It is down to each individual member to make their own decision on returning to the pool when they feel safe to do so, no member will be judged on when they consider it safe to return. Any member that is still unsure about returning to the club should consult their own GP.

With the uncertainty on returning to the “new normal” it may be necessary to cancel, change or suspend certain sessions. If it is not financially viable to continue with a reduced number of members, we may also consider temporary increases in weekly subs if pool numbers are limited or lower than normal.

Anybody that does not adhere to the social distances guidance and measures that have been implemented may be asked to leave to protect the safety of other members.

Outside of the Pools

Whilst the aim of this guide is to ensure that everyone is able to exercise safely, one of the most important things you can do as an individual is be mindful of your own health, if you feel even slightly under the weather, do not come to WADERS. Human nature is to carry on even if you don’t feel great, however the Covid 19 pandemic has shown us very clearly that the best thing you can do if you don’t feel well, is eliminate the risk of spreading anything to anyone you may interact with, either on your way to the pools or during your time exercising. If you take nothing else away from this guide, please ensure you do not risk coming to the pools if you are unwell in any way.

Travelling to the pools is one of the higher risk activities, those living nearby will be encouraged to walk, those living further out will be able to take advantage of car parking spaces which are provided at the location. Please check the government advice if you use public transport.

Please do not enter the building more than 10 minutes before our session starts. If possible please wait in your car until it is time for your session to start. Please do not congregate before and after the sessions.

Swimming Pool Buildings

Once in the building, you will immediately notice some changes the Pool operators have put in place. Please follow all signs installed by the pool operators.  

Please be aware that we do not have exclusive use to any of the buildings and facilities, there are other swimmers that have access before our sessions. Please make sure that you maintain social distancing guidance at all times and be aware that there may be small children about who do not understand this concept. 

Masks can be worn by members when they are entering or leaving the building, but cannot be worn in the pool. Only a face shield can be worn in the pool if you feel the need.

Please use sanitising stations that have been placed around the building.

Paying Subs

As we know and trust our members we will be operating an honesty system as change will not be given so as to minimise contact with others. If you have overpaid for a session you can deduct this from your next visit.

Please make sure that we have your contact details as we may need to pass this on under the governments track & trace system.

Changing into swimwear

Current guidance is that you arrive “swim ready” meaning that you have your swimming costume under your clothing. This will reduce time spent in the changing room cubicles.

You must leave your bags and clothes in the cubicle, as lockers will not be available and you will need to return to the same cubicle to get dressed.

Only a towel, robe and a small handbag will be allowed poolside. Please do not leave any valuables in the cubicles as neither WADERS nor the pool will be held responsible for any loss.

Please note that the showers will be out of use.

Entering the Pool 

Please observe social distancing at all times and be mindful that it can take some members longer to enter the pool than others. If you use handrails to enter the pool please submerge your hands in the pool as the pool water will help disinfect your hands (based on guidance from Swim England). Please move away from the entry point as soon as possible.

In the pool

The exercise routines will be altered to allow social distancing to be maintained. It is imperative for your own safety and the safety of other members to follow the trainer’s instructions at all times. 

When moving around the pool, please remember that some members may not be able to move at the same speed as you and overtaking will not be allowed.

However much you want to, please refrain from talking. Talking adds to the general volume of sound. The more noise there is, the louder people and the trainer will speak, thus increasing the distance airborne particles will travel.

Equipment will be kept to a minimum to use during the sessions, please submerge any equipment that you use, under the pool water, to help disinfect the equipment (based on guidance from Swim England). Please do not share equipment.

Leaving the Pool 

Please observe social distancing at all times and be mindful that it can take some members longer to exit the pool than others. Please move away from the exit point as soon as possible.

Changing out of swimwear

As mentioned above you will use the same cubicle to get dressed. Current guidance is that you simply dry yourself and change into your normal clothing without showering at the Pool, as we are not allowed to use the showers. Please use hand sanitiser once changed. Please leave the pool building as soon as possible.

Other points to note

We do not currently plan to operate a booking system but this may become necessary in the future.
Lessons may start later or be shortened slightly to reduce crossover with other pool users.
Anybody using the pool’s walking frames will need to clean them before and after use.

Additional Information

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